About Wellan System

Our Vision

With creative, accumulative and integrative belief and enthusiastic elite, our company provides the most suitable professional information service to create maximum value for clients, employees, partners and shareholders.

Embrace Knoweledge Era.Being Best Partner of Electronic Enterprise

Under the internet tidal wave, the integration of software, internet and communication not only benefits human beings but also presents huge business opportunities. Take a broad view of global situation, the internet has started to change the lifestyle of human beings since the end of 20 century and it also derived e-commerce which became the most popular topics of information field. However, only company who commands market, techniques, talents and capitalcan win under intense competition.
“Wellan System” was founded in 1988 which possesses ability of combining software and internet techniques. Over the past two decades, we aimed at improving business administration and have provided thousands of companies customized information system.We have accumulated the experience of more than fifty industries consultation and trained versatile employees.The complete and professional integration of knowledge and human resource is our competitive advantage.
Wellan System has been value added center since October 2016. We provide both Turnkey and valued added center upload plan for client. Since 2016, we have assisted many clients to introduce E-GUI and there are multiple solutions which can fit each client’s situation. We not only assisted clients who use Wellan’s MLM system but also help clients who already have MLM system which developed by other software company to introduce E-GUI by integrating with Wellan’s system. We provide client suitable solution by assessment.
To use resource well,enhance competiveness and respond to the future competition and need of development, we improve our business capacity by using integration capability,wining over strategic partners and adopting new techniques
In the future, our company will hold the business concept of"care, education and service"; enhance the competiveness of company, and raise the level of business management in the internet era withcreative, accumulative and integrativebelief and usage of speedy and flexible modern technology.
For Client:
Wellan provides virtual computer center with huge resources.
For Employee:
Company is heading for capital market and accomplishes the vision.
For Society:
The integration of knowledge and technology makes people benefit from the era of internet economic.